Aphelion is about distances, simultaneously belonging to two countries but being rooted in neither, sounding out the meaning of home from the perspective of a British-born Canadian. Written in experimental free verse and containing a selection of anti ghazals, Aphelion’s subject matter, physical appearance on the page, and the way it is read aloud all reflect these elemental distances.

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Butler writes as an exquisite lover of words and the things of this world. Who has written as newly of the humming edges of things? If ever I have read a new poet, any poet, with greater joy, I can hardly remember.
— Dennis Cooley

Jenna Butler is an exquisite wordsmith whose poetic lines ring with a resounding clarity. Her ear is finely attuned to language, unerring in cadences and rhythms. Her poems sing “the heart’s estranged melody” and never miss a note. Aphelion is an impressive book of poems by a sure-handed poet.
— Glen Sorestad

Named after that orbital point located farthest from the sun, Aphelion offers a brilliant fusion of thematic consistency and the pure presence of discovery. The sonorities within the work function flawlessly as music and pure philosophical exploration. I admire this book greatly and recommend it enthusiastically to everyone who already loves poetry and to those about to fall in love with what a poem can be.
— Sheila E. Murphy