Wells is both a re-gifting of words to a much-loved grandmother vanishing into dementia and an investigation into the nature of identity. Through an exploration of one woman’s life, these brief prose poems look at how we navigate the world when our many ways of placing ourselves and our stories begin to disappear. Publisher: University of Alberta Press, 2012.

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Wells is a beautifully sad acknowledgement of the losses all must face, made deeply personal & universal through its sharply observed images of a life now gone. It’s a fine example of how to take lyric & shake it into something beyond the merely personal.
— Douglas Barbour

Wells is a beautiful homage to a beloved grandparent, but also a poignant and gently persistent inquiry into peripheral loss. Butler gets at the difficulty of “seeing our own lives erased” from another’s memory, and how that leaves us “left doubting, in a deep place, the truth of our own existence.”
— Shawna Lemay

[These] poem-fragments hold up as a series of family photographs either blurry or apocryphal, and write the prairie sentence/long line with exquisite grace.
— rob mclennan