Seldom Seen Road

Jenna Butler brings a fresh set of eyes and a startling lyric language to these poems, a wonderful re-imagining of these prairies and of the people whose stories are part of our history. One of her narrators declares, ‘always/out here I know where I stand,’ and Butler’s poems ring with the same conviction.
— Glen Sorestad, author of LEAVING HOLDS ME HERE, Poet Laureate Emeritus of Saskatchewan

Seldom Seen Road is a collection of sharply observed and understated poems about the layers of stories on the Canadian prairies. Bare bones, full of wit, insight, and fine imagery, these poems make up a book carefully constructed around a striking vision of the Prairies and its accreted history. Butler illuminates an oft-hidden world of strong women spanning two centuries, focusing the most powerful sequence of the book, "Lepidopterists," on them. These poems find their place in a tradition of prairie poetry that owes much to the work of such poets as John Newlove, Robert Kroetsch, and others.