This is not just her story or her grandmother’s, but that of everyone who has lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s. ‘It is not just the loss of the ones we care for, but the loss of ourselves in them, seeing our own lives erased from memory until we are left doubting, in a deep place, the truth of our own existence.’ In this rich book of poems, Butler both affirms this truth and resists it, creating images and stories that are genuine and soulful.
— Jennifer Delisle, ARC Poetry Magazine

In Wells, Jenna Butler draws on her own experiences of her grandmother's disappearance into senile dementia to reassemble a sensual world in longpoem form that crackles with imagery and rhythm. Identities and memories flow and flicker as she strings fragments of narrative into stories that comprise one woman's life. It entwines her disappearing life with that of the persona of the woman's granddaughter through a choreographed confusion of identities, of she's and I's. Anyone who has lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s or dementia will recognize the pain chronicled in this book and the desire to gift back all that has been stolen.